Friday, August 22, 2014


Caran d'Ache colored pencils and watercolor pencils are twice as expensive as most, and I've always wondered why.  What's so special about these pencils?  So I ordered a few open stock pencils mostly colored pencils (because I wanted to try them) and a few muted watercolor pencils to use to sketch paintings (expecting the lines to blend and disappear).  Just doing this color chart revealed how very soft (buttery even) the colored pencils are and how just a little effort is needed to lay down a nice layer of color.


  1. Your little chart is a work of art! I struggle with w/c pencils but these sound better than the ones I have

  2. Most of these are wax based colored pencils. The watercolor pencils are the 4 bottom right. I don't particularly like watercolor pencils too little pigment, I use them mostly to draw my subject (instead of graphite) for my watercolor paintings… then the pencil disappears once the paint is applied :-)