Sunday, February 20, 2011


I saw this bracelet before Christmas, but didn't buy it. I went back after Christmas and they didn't have them anymore, but the shop owner said she'd have more in a few weeks. I almost waited too long to check back again, because this one was the last one they had. We went to an RV show this afternoon, and walked thru some that cost 3 times what our house... nice but a bit much for an RV. We'd have to win the lottery to get one.

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  1. A fish theme here Elaine, crabs, fish, Red Lobster and then there's the whole over priced RV thing... now that's fishy!
    I know that those RV's are spectacular, but I think I'd rather spend my money on a nice hotel room. But then, I guess I'd have to worry about the bed bugs... and I've left the theme of water animals.
    I'll have to check back later.
    Love your style btw.