Saturday, December 4, 2010



Tonight is the teddy bear toss at the hockey game. Everyone brings a teddy bear to the game, when our team scores it's first goal, everyone throws the teddy bears on the ice, they scoop them up and give them to local kids for Christmas. We have our teddy bears and are ready for the game.... hopefully, our team will score a goal tonight :-)

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  1. Wonderful sketch, Elaine. And what a neat idea for gathering gifts for kids!

    BTW...I am still making my sketchbooks. They just happen to be three-ringed versions at the moment because I have a bunch of paper to use that doesn't behave well in books. I'm liking them though because they go together so quickly, and may stick with them. And about the 'creepy' clown...I think in general, most clowns creep me out! :D