Thursday, November 4, 2010


November is our month for gray rainy days... and today fits that description perfectly. The days are getting very short on daylight, when the time changes this weekend I'll be going to work in the dark... I hate that.


  1. Once November gets here, I kind of just hang on until March. I hate to think of my time feeling on hold, but I'm not a cold, gray day person... and that's what it is. WHAAA.

  2. More images of raked sand, fewer images of gray anything! Just kidding about your sketches and watercolors, not kidding about liking thoughts of sand, even sand on a wintry beach, better than sooo many gray days in a row. I do like a gray day or two. They feel snuggly, cozy, and perfect for putting on the pajamas early in the evening and reading. I'm not so crazy about weeks of those days with no sunshine breaks!