Friday, January 13, 2017


#SKNFoundations #Lesson3 I’m retaking the Liz Steel Foundations class, at the same time I’m taking the #SBSADrawingADay class, I’m a little bored with the SBS drawing class, filling pages with doodles, in ink day after day gets boring fast.  This week with Liz is no ink painting the big shapes, and then maybe adding ink after.  There is a negative shape exercise this week too, and I will probably give that one a try tomorrow too.  Been really busy at work so time to paint/draw and practice my flute has been limited.  Nice weather today, hopefully continues tomorrow and I get some time in the saddle to kick off 2017.


  1. Ah such a cheerful piece of art Elaine. Always enjoy seeing what you are doing. Hope you have a great week-end. May your new year be wonderful as well.

    1. The weather was glorious today, not typical for January, we went to an event raising money for a local boy with brain cancer... because of the nice weather there was a huge turn out. Thanks for stopping by your comment made my day, I appreciate it very much.