Saturday, December 31, 2016


The rest of the gear in my Maxpedition pouch, this tall side holds more pens, pencils, water brushes, rulers, a little plastic bag with instant towels along with refills for my two brush pens.  I didn't draw it all, ran out of time and space.  So here's the final palette I carry three, you'll notice that some of them contain the same colors,  if I run out in one box I have another box with the same colors.  Nutty I know, but that's the way it is.  This box contains full size pans and I use it when I'm using real brushes and doing big washes, it has 2 half pans for Raw Sienna and Buff Titanium.  That's my everyday art supplies, carry them everywhere.
Headed out to the hockey game, stay safe if you're out tonight, don't drive drunk, call a cab or Uber, or stay at home and toast the new year in the safety of your own home.  That's what Ron and I will do.

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