Monday, August 15, 2016


Got another new brush from Rosemary & Co.,  I watched all of Parka's videos of the Urban Sketcher's Symposium in Manchester UK.  If you watch the video below at the 2:39 you'll see the brush I decided I had to have.  I had looked at the brush before but couldn't decide if I wanted one or not.  Tried it out on this page, great marks you can make with this brush, holds a ton of water.  I'm going to enjoy using it I think.

USK Manchester Day 1 (27 Jul 2016)


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on Teoh Yi Chie! Fun video and great coverage of conference!! That's my goal, urban sketching... Getting the sketching down... But certainly not quick enough!!

    1. He has GREAT videos, he also reviews art books, and art supplies. I could spend hours and hours looking at his videos.