Friday, June 10, 2016


Moving blessing of us and our bikes by the Navaho Shaman at the Navaho Veterans Memorial Park.  

We had the worst weather of the entire trip that night with gusting wind, hail, torrential rain, and lighting.  We made it to Payson, Az and that's where I called my husband to find me a motel room, about 7 or 8 others also quit but the rest continued on in the storm for the final 80 miles to Scottsdale... our leader Karen had a wreck in Scottsdale dodging a coyote that ran across the road, she hit a concrete curb and destroyed her bike.  Thanks to her helmet she survived and suffered no broken bones, but her riding for the rest of the trip was relegated to the support truck.  The other riders got to the motel around 5am. 

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