Saturday, March 19, 2016


What a difference a day can make, tonight the Rays held on to beat Florida 2 to 1 and put the Rays in first place in their division.  Only 5 more home games left in the season now.  I have a trip planned in June, and I've started working on my travel journal.  I'm pre-drawing each state I'll be traveling through and the route thru the state we plan to take.  I plan to take the journal with me, and hopefully do a little drawing and at the very least write something each day.  I'll take my camera and load the book with photos too, when I get home.  I seriously doubt I'll ever be able to do something like this ever again.  Take a peek at the route here


  1. Wow! What a ride! It is a wonderful cause and you will see some incredible scenery.

    1. I'm very excited, and a little afraid I'm not strong enough to do it... but as my husband says my determination is my hidden strength.