Sunday, September 27, 2015


Do you see those hints of red/purple on the page?  That's a local winery's Red Muscadine Wine that I spilled tonight on my page, my desk, and my keyboard.  My keyboard now has a plastic cover... so that spilled wine, wiped right up.  The sketchbook didn't come away clean, not only this page is spotted, so is the light beige fabric cover... Hey I'm a red wine fan, usually pinot noir but I like this muscadine wine too, and I'm a klutz, so I knock things over and red wine stains... I'm ok with it.  


  1. Seems like a perfect touch to your sketchbook... something you love. :-)
    Nice kitty too.

  2. Shouldn't drink and draw I suppose, but my klutz moves aren't always wine, I knock over coffee cups too. LOL